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Education advice and career counseling

Founded In 2011 Ghana, West Africa


Education Advice and Career Counseling

Many students end up subscribing to wrong subjects for their university degree programs. Some find themselves attending universities that do not suit their educational goals while others enroll on a study program that doesn’t align with their career aspirations.Identifying a suitable university requires extensive research and major information gathering. Most students search the internet, scrolling through hundreds of pages in their endeavor to find the right information.

Century Nit Consult considers your academic strengths and weaknesses, financial capabilities, subjects of interest and future plans to help you identify the right course in the right college/university. Also representatives of our partner universities will guide and council you on your carrier development programs for Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree ad PhD courses

Admission documentation

Century nit guides and assist students in gathering their educational documents needed for a successful admission application as per the requirements of the university in question. Some of the basic documents are, WASSCE or SSCE Certificate, Degree Certificate, Transcript, Academic and Professional recommendation letters English proficiency proofs, Traveling Passports, Curriculum Vitae etc

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